Our Vision

To transform the way Indian music is presented, taught and learnt by

  • Educating the mass on Swaratmik music – music where mindfulness merges with melody,
  • Evangelizing Swaratma as the institution that upholds and enables presentation of Swaratmik music,
  • Enrolling musical talents, aspiring and practicing musicians and teachers, especially from under-privileged classes to be groomed as musicians offering Swaratmik music, at the Swaratmik Sangeetashram,
  • Enabling music lovers and practitioners in adoption and application of methods and practices in learning and presenting of Swaratmik music through formal curriculums in atma-gyan along with swara- gyan and
  • Edifying musicians affiliated to and groomed at the Sangeetashram, through concerts across genres in Indian music.


Donate, not just because you get a tax deduction. Donate because you care for the soul of our music. Indian music.
Donate because, while listening to a Bhimsen Joshi or a Nusrat your heart says that the experience is irreplaceable and you feel sad.
Donate to the cause of Swaratma and we will together bring back the immortal soul and keep it alive.