About Swaratma

About Swaratma

Amongst other things, one of priceless heritage of our country is our music. Indian music. Music that is rooted in Hindustani music (Bharatiya Shastriya Sangeet), said to be derived from the sounds of creation and a pathway to commune with divinity.

In an obsession for display of technical gimmickry and speed; in the pursuit of gaining quick applause from and popularity with the contemporary audience, the very essence of Indian music - its soul - seems to be getting lost.

Swaratma (soul of the melody) comes with a commitment to bring together a community of lovers and practitioners of Indian Music who value and uphold the significance of getting in touch with the soul of our music and contribute to keeping it alive. This is a space for those who have with their sadhana and chetana got in touch with the Swaratma and are touching many souls with its exposition to bring in their valued guidance for those who are on the journey or are aspiring to be.

Swaratma has nothing against those who want to pursue commerce by commoditizing Indian Music. Nor is it aligned to any so-called cause related to the growth and rise of Indian music. In very simple terms, Swaratma is a space, a community of musicians (practicing and aspiring) and music enthusiasts who revere and are committed to preserving the soul, the ethos of Indian music across boundaries of time and space.


Donate, not just because you get a tax deduction. Donate because you care for the soul of our music. Indian music.
Donate because, while listening to a Bhimsen Joshi or a Nusrat your heart says that the experience is irreplaceable and you feel sad.
Donate to the cause of Swaratma and we will together bring back the immortal soul and keep it alive.